The Scientific Committee will select the abstracts taking into consideration the innovative character as well as the scientific value of the proposals. 

In order to achieve the maximum number of plenary sessions, the Scientific Committee decided to open the submissions to roundtable discussions, symposia keynote lecture proposals, posters and oral communications.

Hoping that a great number of you will participate in this event, we look forward to meeting you in Senigallia , in 2019.

With kind regards

Alessandro Bucci , MD, PhD 

  Dilyana Vicheva, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

     Alessandro Varini, MD

       Giuseppe Frau, MD


- Medical therapy in rhinology

- Acute and chronic rhinosinusitis

- Management of CRS medically and surgically

- Baloon sinusplasty

- Rhinosinusitis miscellaneous

- Airways physiology and pathophysiology

- Olfactology

- Rhino-Allergology

- Rhinitis Miscellaneous 

- Treatment of allergic rhinitis

- Immunotherapy (allergic vaccines)

- Nasal hyperreactivity/nonallergic rhinitis

- Nasale provocation tests

- Local allergic rhinitis

- Epidemiology in different countries

- Microbiology: viruses, bacteria and fungi

- Benign and malignant tumors

- Pediatric rhinology

- Nasal surgery in children

- Rhinosinusitis in children

- Upper airway inflammation in children

- Skull base and paranasal sinus endoscopic surgery

- Septorhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty

- Facial plastic surgery

- Dacryocystorhinostomy

- Rhinology in different countries

- Robotic and new technologies

- Imaging

- Snoring and OSAS

- Probiotics 

- Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rhinology

- Etc.